Odoo DelthaStar Edition SaaS

Odoo DelthaStar Edition is a collection of software based on Odoo Community Edition plus some 3rd parties addons. The main goal of this software collection is to provide to our customers with tools to grow their business bringing them an experience similar (but cheaper) to Odoo Enterprise Edition with the extra self developed addons and services by DeltharStar Inc.

IT Consulting

We can develop customized strategies and recommendations tailored to each client's specific requirements. This could involve suggesting upgrades or replacements for outdated hardware or software applications that are slowing down productivity. We may also propose implementing new technologies or digital solutions that can enhance efficiency or streamline business processes.

Software Development & Deployment

We are dedicated towards providing end-to-end solutions—from initial concept discussions through deployment—to help businesses leverage technology effectively.Our team combines technical expertise, collaboration skills, and industry best practices ensuring delivery of robust, reliable, user-friendly, tested, and optimized custom-built software solutions tailored specifically for each client's requirements.